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$1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year 1351.50 2019 Fees will be paid. This is for a 1 bedroom plus studio that can be used separately, 1week each or together for one week. Property is mortgage free. Owner willing to pay closing costs if purchaser is willing to buy owners 2 XL Timmies coffees. 1 is Double Double and the other is Black.
$1 Two-bedroom White Week, Every Other Year $1,203.86 Unit can separated into a one-bedroom and studio units.
1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year 1351.50 We are seniors and no longer can enjoy the resort. We are willing to surrender this 2 BR unit to anyone who can enjoy the amenities of the resort..
$1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year $1351.50 usage will be available immediately.
$1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year $1351.50 Search no longer, you've found the absolute best buy! A 2 bedroom RED season timeshare for only $1. We, as the Sellers, will pay all closing costs, which is a $900 value. We'll even throw in a $125 gift card upon the transfer of ownership! It's a yearly use, floating week (01-52). Reserve it for a 2 bedroom weeklong stay, or split it into two weeks as a studio and 1 bedroom for 2 holidays at Carriage Hills, or exchange it. A Gold Crown Resort, Carriage Hills trades well in RCI and II. It's fully paid off, our 2019 Maintenance fee is paid, and our Wyndham account is up-to-date and in good standing. Rest assured: you are working with a knowledgeable and responsible owner of 20 years. First use of this ownership week will be in 2020, though Day Use and Discounted Owner Bonus Time will be available as soon as the Buyer's account is opened by Wyndham. NOTE: The sales process takes 90 -120 days to be completed. Please contact us if you like the listing!
1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week $1300 I have been an owner since 2006 and have enjoyed our vacations here, however my husband has passed away and i would now like to give up this part of our past life. Willing to pay the annual maintenance fee due Nov/18 for the new owners.
0 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year 1214.49 Willing to share cost of legal and transfer fees
2,000.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year 1,299.52
Free Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year 1300 One bedroom + Lockout Unit My wife and I have retired and cannot afford to keep the unit
1.00 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year 1300.00 This is a great timeshare with excellent trading power to go all over the world. Fees are paid for 2018 and there is no mortgage on property. We will pay the closing/transfer fees.
$1.00 Two-bedroom White Week, Every Year 1214.49 This is a 2 bdrm, lock out unit. You can take the 2 bdrm for 1 wk or split between 1 bdrm and the bachelor suite for 2 weeks. Worldwide trading is also available thru RCI ( fees extra, not included ). All fees are paid to date. Will share legal cost. Are now full time RVers and no longer need times
$1 o.b.o Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year approx $1300 paid for 2018 For SALE is one Carriage Hills Deed for a 2 Bedroom Lock-out (1 bedroom suite plus a separate studio) 1 week every ODD year. Worldwide trading available thru RCI membership (fees extra, not included). MOTIVATED seller. We will pay deed transfer fees. Maintenance Fees are due every other year.
$1 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year $1,215 This unit is a two-bedroom lock-out with fees payable every year. All fees are paid and up to date. It can provide you with a two-bedroom suite for one week or it can be split into a one-bedroom and one bachelor suite for one week each. Will split the cost of the deed transfer .
1.00 Two-bedroom Every Other Year $1,250
Free Two-bedroom Red Week 1299 WILL PAY ALL TRANSFER FEES. 2 Bedroom lock unit available for almost all weeks in year including summer and holidays. Our children have grown and we are moving on.
$1 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year 1299 all fees have been pad up until 2017. Willing to share the cost of transferring the deed usually under $1,000 including lawyers fees etc...
$0.00 Two-bedroom Red Week $1,299.00 This unit is a 2-bedroom lock-out unit, with fees paid every year. All fees are paid and up to date. It can provide you with a 2-bedroom suite for 1 week, or can be split into a 1- bedroom and 1 bachelor suite for 1 week each. If you use a trading company like RCI you can take vacations worldwide.
$1 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Year $1299 CANADIAN Child has grown and moved south,no need for timeshare any more.Enjoyed our years of ownership.
$1 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year $1299 Divorce sale-can't afford vacations! Our loss is your gain! Paid fees 2017. Lockoff 2 bdr unit=1 bdrm & bach. Get 2wks per 2yrs. Will pay the transfer fees.Took ++great vacations to beautiful resorts for Disney and skiing! Treat family/friends to free trip or share&lower costs-lots of 2+bdrm villas!
$500 Two-bedroom Red Week, Every Other Year 1300 Two Bedroom Lock Off Unit (Studio Portion and One Bedroom Portion).
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