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Howell softball player Hannah Ramsden is 9-for-9 in two twinbills

HOWELL – What started as a fun banter between a coach and a player has become Hannah Ramsden’s rallying cry as she steps up to the plate for Howell’s softball team.

“We have a little routine with her,” Howell coach Scott Pasini said. “I sometimes ask her if she has ice in her veins. When she has the ice in her veins, she is 9-for-9, she feels confident for the week.

Whether it helps or not, Pasini will make sure he doesn’t deviate from the routine after Ramsden’s performance in doubleheader sweeps of Davison and Novi.

Ramsden went 9-for-9 with two home runs, three doubles and nine RBIs.

“I really have ice in my veins,” said Ramsden, the Livingston Daily’s Athlete of the Week. “Last year I think it was just a joke we made and it officially started that season. This season it has become something that me and him have.”

Before her 9-for-9 stretch, Ramsden hit .263 in 95 at-bats during her four-year career.

“I think it was just my mentality,” she said. “Every time I went to bat, I would visualize where I wanted to hit the ball, and then I would hit the ball and it would go there.”

Ramsden has been on the varsity for four years, but this is the first season in which she has played a regular role as the starting right fielder. If necessary, she could also play catcher.

She had fourteen plate appearances as a freshman and scored nine runs, mostly as a courtesy runner. She had 44 plate appearances as a sophomore and 50 last season.

Ramsden put in the work this offseason to make sure she didn’t spend her senior year in and out of the lineup.

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“I saw her working out all winter at Planet Fitness by herself,” Pasini said. “She wasn’t the kid who sat on the phone and did things; she was training there. The strength she developed in the offseason really helped her.

Regardless of how her senior year turns out, Ramsden will not continue her college career. Playing softball was a goal of hers in high school, but she plays softball for reasons other than to land a college scholarship.

It was liberating to play the game without worrying about how her performance on any given day would affect her future.

“I could do that if I wanted to, but that’s not really what I’m going for,” she said. “I do that for fun now.

“It definitely takes the pressure off. When I play the game, I can enjoy it more. It doesn’t have to be that deep.”

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