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Baalveer begins a journey of self-discovery and joins Aageel in season 4

MUMBAI: Actor Dev Joshi, who is set to reprise the titular role of Baalveer in the upcoming season of the kids show, has shared that this time Baalveer will delve into a journey of self-discovery and face off against Aageel and other unknown enemies.

The new season of the show also features Aditi Sanwal as Kashvi and Ada Khan as the formidable antagonist Aageel.

The cast of Baalveer promises to present a compelling fantasy spectacle that will ignite the imagination of children.

Expressing his excitement, Dev said, “I am overjoyed and filled with immense gratitude as we prepare to stream season 4 of ‘Baalveer’. This time, fans can expect more exciting action as Baalveer battles Aageel and many unknown enemies and their formidable army.”

“The transformation goes beyond physical strength as Baalveer embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning valuable lessons about empathy, compassion and the true meaning of heroism. With this fresh energy and determination, I am excited to get back into action and pull the cape that protects and protects,” he added.

‘Baalveer’ will release on Sony LIV on May 6.