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Top 5 Websites to Watch Free Cartoons

Cartoons have a timeless appeal, captivating audiences of all ages and reminding us of the playful spirit within us. Cartoon Network’s popularity among different age groups illustrates this enduring fascination. Whether it’s the simple pleasure of 2D animation or the nostalgia it evokes, cartoons serve as a reliable stress reliever and provide respite from life’s challenges.

However, searching the internet for reliable and high-quality sources to watch cartoons online can be a daunting task. To simplify your search for the best free websites that offer cartoons in HD, we have compiled a list of online resources. These platforms provide quick access to a wide range of cartoons and ensure an enjoyable viewing experience for cartoon lovers of all ages.


Toonjet stands out as a free platform for streaming cartoons online (cartoon on OTT). Specializing in classic cartoon content, it offers an extensive collection of legendary shows ranging from Cartoon Network’s timeless Tom and Jerry to Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse. In addition, the website contains a selection of contemporary favorites, including popular series such as ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Samurai Jack’.

A notable feature of Toonjet is its interactive nature, allowing users to provide feedback on individual episodes and rate the cartoons. This feature promotes community engagement and helps users discover new favorites while reliving beloved classics.

‘Gogo anime’

Gogoanime provides a convenient solution for cartoon lovers who want to watch their favorite shows online. This free website features an extensive library of cartoons, giving users the opportunity to stream their favorite content in high-definition quality. By consolidating a wide range of cartoons on one platform, Gogoanime simplifies the viewing experience, allowing users to satisfy their cartoon cravings without having to switch between multiple sites.

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The website is designed with user-friendliness in mind and can be accessed on a variety of devices including smartphones, ensuring seamless access to cartoon content anytime, anywhere.


Cartoonito serves as a comprehensive entertainment platform tailored for children. The website offers a wide range of cartoons and interactive features such as the Cartoonito Club stories performed by real children, offering engaging content designed to both entertain and educate young viewers.

In addition to cartoons, Cartoonito offers a variety of songs and learning materials, enriching the educational experience for children. By incorporating an educational dimension into the content, Cartoonito transforms cartoons into a learning medium, while still providing light-hearted entertainment.

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Parents can feel confident letting their children explore Cartoonito knowing that the website provides a safe and enriching environment where children can discover activities that match their interests and stimulate their curiosity.

‘Cartoon network’

Cartoon Network stands out as a top choice for kids (kids movies on Netflix) who want to watch cartoons online. With an extensive library of over thirty thousand movies and cartoon videos, with new additions daily, the website offers a wealth of entertainment for viewers of all ages. Although Cartoon Network is primarily aimed at children, it also caters to an adult audience so that everyone has fun.

A notable feature of the website is its user-friendly interface, which allows users to easily filter videos by their favorite characters. This customization option enhances the viewing experience, allowing viewers to quickly discover and enjoy content featuring their favorite cartoon characters.

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