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Stuart Hogg’s new partner models wedding dresses after rugby star split from wife in November – Page 5 of 5

#5. Joe Westerman

The rugby league ace split from his wife Lauren earlier this year after an X-rated video of him performing a sex act on a married woman in an alley outside a Greggs branch went viral.

They wrote: “The 34-year-old Castleford Tigers player had been drinking for 15 hours when he was picked up with his trousers and trousers around his ankles.

“The loose attacker was imposed a hefty fine following an internal club investigation.”

Can you be all the winning captains of Guinness Six Nations?

The storied history of Rugby’s Greatest Championship has seen exceptional leaders emerge: warriors of various shapes, be they agile halfbacks, towering second rows or fearless wingers.

Our latest quiz invites you to identify those who led their country to Guinness Six Nations glory. It is worth noting that in certain cases there may be multiple captains from the same year due to factors such as injuries and rotation.

Only surnames are accepted.