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Delhi busted gang making counterfeit airbags in central Delhi 3 arrested near Mata Sundari Road

Delhi Police have busted a gang allegedly manufacturing counterfeit airbags for cars of brands ranging from MG to BMW and Mahindra, and arrested three people in connection with the case.

Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Harsha Vardhan said in a Times of India report that these airbags are usually sold at half the price of originals. These are bought by people whose vehicles need new airbags after the original ones have already deployed, he added, according to the report.

“Such customers opted for off-market products sold at half the price of genuine airbags available in brand showrooms and workshops,” the DCP said, according to the TOI report.

The gang was busted after a team raided two workshops near Mata Sundari Road, Vardhan was quoted as saying by PTI.

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“Twelve airbags from MG, 13 from BMW, 22 from Citroen, 23 from Nissan, 27 from Renault, 17 from Volkswagen, 20 from Mahindra, 14 from Toyota, 32 from Tata, 39 from Honda, 57 from Skoda and 66 from Hyundai – cars were seized from one godown,” the DCP added. The seizures from the other workshop included “86 airbags of Suzuki, 12 of KIA, eight of Ford, three of Volvo, 15 airbags without logo” and raw materials, the DCP added.

Vardhan was quoted by India Today as saying that they had seized 921 counterfeit airbags worth Rs 1.8 crore. “Airbags with brand plates from all leading manufacturers were recovered. This includes major brands such as BMW, Tayota, MG and Maruti. They did not have any permission to manufacture these airbags,” he added.

The case came to light after police received a tip-off on April 16 about the manufacturing of counterfeit airbags at a shop identified by police as ‘T-Huts’, Times of India reported.

The three arrested persons are Faizan, 26, and Mohd Faraz and Furkan, both 35 years old.

A case has been registered under sections 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others) and 34 (general intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

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