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Chinese F1 Grand Prix live updates: Max Verstappen on pole

Welcome once again to our live coverage of the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix from the Shanghai International Circuit. It’s the first sprint race weekend of the season and so far it has worked. Very appropriate for the first race in China since 2019. Would F1 be better off without China on the calendar? You have to wonder if we really missed this race that much and the answer would be no. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely without merit. Having a race in the most populous country in the world isn’t a bad thing from a business perspective either.

When it comes to on-track action, it was one of the better weekends of the year. Max Verstappen won the sprint race and took a comfortable pole position, yes, but to do so he had to fight back from fourth place in the sprint race. And what happens behind him has an unpredictable, confused character. There is no doubt that his dominance is dulling the appeal of F1, but that is now expected and we can only make the best of what we have. And if you ignore Verstappen, F1 is not in a bad position at the moment.

Qualifying was certainly entertaining. Verstappen’s first timed lap in Q3 looked unbeatable, so it was all about who could secure second place on the front row next to him. It was then a series of Sainz who first finished second, before Leclerc, Piastri, Norris, Alonso and then – finally – Perez finished second.