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Littleton Middle School theater students set record with ‘The Little Mermaid Jr.’ production

Littleton Middle School’s production of “The Little Mermaid Jr.” set a school record for the highest number of tickets sold for a high school show. (Courtesy of Demetra Taylor)

LITTLETON – Superintendent of Schools Kelly Clenchy would like to share that Littleton Middle School students demonstrated their exemplary theater skills during a successful three-day showing of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

A cast of 51 LMS students performed the stage adaptation of the Disney classic for the Littleton community on January 19 and 21. But this was no ordinary high school musical.

For the first time in LMS history, the production sold a total of 1,400 tickets, setting a record for the highest number of tickets sold for a high school show. The Sunday matinee, which is usually the least attended performance of the three, ultimately became the most attended.

The success of the production can be attributed to the enthusiasm of the theater students and their peers, who spread the word throughout the community to generate interest in the show.

Many students and community members stayed behind after Saturday’s performance to have their pictures taken with the cast.

LMS Drama director Tracey O’Neill, who grew up in theater and watched her daughters perform in middle and high school, noted how productions like these foster a community-building environment.

“The high school shows allow high school students to return to their former home base to help with production. I have had students help with stage management, choreographing, rehearsals and auditions,” she said. “I really couldn’t do it without them. They are a huge support system for me, and I love supporting their causes and providing them with opportunities for involvement.”

O’Neill added: ‘This is my seventh show and the casts just keep getting better. They work so hard, and my main goal is to make sure they have fun. Thank you to all the parents who supported us enormously. Thank you to our Music Director Ashley Sheldon for all her hard work, as well as to the Fine Arts Boosters of Littleton, who helps make our students’ theatrical goals possible. ”

LMS theater students will be back on stage in May for their production of Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang. Tickets will be available at a later date at