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Holkuil collapses, killing 7 almajirai in Kebbi

Yesterday, a well collapsed on eight students of Malam Dan-Umma Quran School in Bayan Science, Badariya in Birnin Kebbi Local Government Area of ​​Kebbi State, killing seven of them and injuring the rest.

The school’s owner, Malam Dan Umar, confirmed the incident to reporters yesterday at his residence on the school premises.

He said he had instructed the students to dig clay and gravel on top of the hill near the school to fill the holes in their rooms against an expected flood.

Umar, who spoke tearfully, said a heavy piece of laterite fell on them, killing seven on the spot and putting one in hospital.

“Today is one of the saddest days of my life. When I was told that a heavy piece of laterite had fallen on them, I immediately rushed to the scene where I confirmed that seven of them were dead. The one who survived was rushed to Birnin Kebbi hospital.

“It was sad for me. I was still in the house when someone called to tell me the bad news. I still find it hard to believe,” he said.

Residents from the area said that the students not only used some collapsed parts of the hill for convenience, but also used the mud to build a place where they could rest.

One of the residents, Malam Shehu Abubakar, said the incident was like a dream to him.

“I saw them this morning as they gathered on the hill as they did every day. The hill is like a home to them. That’s where they usually do all their things. If they weren’t in class, you would see them doing something or other,” he said.

The Special Adviser to Governor Nasir Idris on Pilgrim Welfare, Zayyanu Sanka, who also lives in the area, was reported to have said that the state government would explore the possibility of banning the excavation of soil or gravel on such hills. to prevent repetition.