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The fall of Robert Durst captured in “The Jinx

An image of Robert Durst in prison, as seen in “The Jinx – Part Two.” (HBO)

Entering the annals of true crime documentaries comes Andrew Jarecki’s six-episode “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” for HBO, which explores real estate heir Robert Durst’s connection to three murders.

That 2015 documentary ended with Durst, still recording with his microphone but in the men’s room, saying the five words that would get him arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of his best friend Susan Berman: “I killed them all . Naturally.”

Jarecki’s “The Jinx – Part 2” examines Durst, who died in 2022, the legal system and the aftermath of the case over the ensuing eight years, uncovering hidden material and Durst’s prison calls and interviews with some very reluctant witnesses who lead to had not done so far. come forward.

“In ‘Part 1’ everyone is talking about a historical set of facts. Telling stories that happened in the past,” Jarecki, 61, noted during a virtual press conference last week.

“The second part takes place when we are really following these developments. Starting with his arrest the day before the final episode of ‘The Jinx’ aired. The urgency is therefore much greater. The fear level for many of those involved is much higher.

“In the second season, a lot of people don’t want to be in the movie. For the first time, these people are saying, “Maybe this isn’t good for me and maybe there are things I’ve done that I’m not proud of or don’t want to revisit.”

“Things that they realized seemed OK at the time, but in retrospect maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go to UPS and put $118,000 in a bag and send it to Bob Durst when he was at the was about to flee. .

“There are a lot of people who did things that involved them in Durst’s life, and a lot of people he involved in his life who didn’t want to participate.

“The lawyers, for example. The first time around, there’s a huge victory lap for the legal team. And they also speak very carelessly in the first season, where they talk about how they made up a story and sold it to the jury and the jury ate it up.

“In that first season there is a kind of arrogant attitude from people who may have done bad things. In ‘Part 2’, more people have done more bad things and are now being held responsible for it in some way. So it’s actually a lot harder to get people to participate in ‘Part 2’.

‘But they were coerced, persuaded! There were all different ways to get them to that point. Ultimately, they knew they had to do it.”

The first episode of “The Jinx – Part Two” airs April 21 on HBO and streams on MAX. The next five episodes will be released on subsequent Sundays.