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Homeworld 3 unveils post-launch content roadmap

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Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive have confirmed the content on the way for Homeworld 3 with a brand new content roadmap.

Summary of the article

  • Homeworld 3 will include both free and paid content starting this summer.
  • June brings 10 new challenges and artifacts, with more detailed content plans to come.
  • July introduces a paid DLC with a new faction and starting fleets, plus more benefits.
  • Reduced recommended PC specs announced for the May 13 launch of Homeworld 3.

Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive revealed the post-launch content Homeworld 3 while a new road map shows what’s on the way. The team has posted a new blog, along with the roadmap you see below, detailing what to expect starting this summer. It looks like the game will be adding a mix of free and paid DLC content, but it does make us smile that there’s at least one additional free content drop beyond paid DLC. The team has also revealed an updated set of PC specs for those who want to see what they need to play the game. We have the details of both for you below, the finer details can be found in the blog link above.

Homeworld 3 releases mini-documentary with new informationHomeworld 3 releases mini-documentary with new information
Credit: Gearbox Publishing

Homeworld 3 Roadmap contents

These updates aim to provide players with a variety of content such as new challenges, artifacts, classes, systems, maps, and playable factions. Our free content drops are available to all owners of Homeworld 3and feature new challenges, artifacts, maps and systems! We’ll have more information about the contents of each drop closer to the release date!

  • Free content drops in June: Ten new challenges and artifacts.
  • Paid DLC for July: New playable faction, new faction starting fleets, artifacts and faction emblem
  • August Free Content Drop: 10 new challenges, five new artifacts and a new map. October Paid DLC: New Playable Faction, New Fleets Starting the Faction, and a Faction Emblem
  • Free content drops in the fourth quarter (timing to be determined): New challenges, map and more new content.
Homeworld 3 unveils post-launch content roadmapHomeworld 3 unveils post-launch content roadmap
Credit: Gearbox Publishing


On the way to launch, the team has continued to improve Homeworld 3Some of these improvements include further performance and gameplay optimization. As a result, we have lowered the recommended specifications. Now we would like to present you with the most current recommended PC specifications Homeworld 3 when it is started 13 May!

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