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(Guide) Fun Run 3 How to Get Coins (Top 5 Ways)

In Fun Run 3, collecting coins is crucial to obtaining new equipment, power-ups and characters. But it’s hard not to feel a little demoralized when you’re surrounded by players in flashy super suits with crazy lights, while you’re just a squirrel in a straw hat wondering where you went wrong. Nevertheless, with some strategic gameplay and determination, you can still rock with class!! In this post, we’ll dive into the top 5 best ways to earn coins in Fun Run 3.

1. Arena Wins (Best for Late Game)

Well, that seems like a haven for making coins to me.

If you’re up for a bit of a skill challenge, then the Arena game mode is the best place to amass a respectable wealth of coins. In Arena, you earn rewards once your run in the race ends. The rewards you get scale with the number of wins.

In the Arena game mode, players may initially find the strategy counterintuitive due to the complex steps and apparent coin loss (500 coins to enter). However, investing in Arena races can lead to significant returns as completing runs with many wins (10-12) can earn gems, the main in-game currency with several valuable uses.

Gems are crucial for unlocking items and features, but are also essential for purchasing Runners Passes, which cost 500 gems. These passes offer significant coin rewards each season, making them a worthwhile investment despite the initial cost at the Arena.

Because the matches are so short, winning 12 matches in Arena takes a maximum of 15 minutes. With twelve wins you’ll earn up to 50 gems every time you collect your chest at the end of the Arena run. You can earn enough gems to purchase a Runner Pass after just a few hours of play.

It’s not just coins, but try to focus on the coins.

How it works:

  • Earn 500 coins with Clan Battle or Quick Race wins (I recommend Clan Battle with a friend with a higher skill level)
  • Use the 500 coins to participate in an Arena Race.
  • Win 12 matches before losing three times (you only get three losses in an Arena run)
  • Collect your chest of gems and XP
  • Buy a Runner Pass and bathe in piles of coins!

2. Clan Rewards (best for mid game)

How many? *nervous sweating*

If you can execute the previous coin collecting strategy, you will have amassed a respectable collection of epic characters and stylish gear. Such luxury has the advantage of making you more likely to join more prestigious clans. And the great thing about good clans is that they can dramatically increase your ability to earn coins, rewards and gems!

This method is great for making money as a group and getting all your friends in on the action! But finding those friends and establishing yourself in the community is the hardest part; believe me, i know. The best way to start your journey to shared wealth is to join decent open clans and make gains on better clans so they send you invites

Once you’ve found your way to a suitable clan, you’ll want to work your way towards completing the Clan Tier rewards. Each tier gives you a spin that gives you rewards and LOTS of coins. The higher the level, the better the rewards and the more coins you get!

How it works:

  • Make friends in Fast Race
  • Find an open clan together
  • Confirm that players ranked Diamond and above are in the clan
  • Gain fame and appreciation through victories in well-known and respected teams
  • Get invited to exclusive, dedicated teams that are really active
  • Encourage clan members to compete for clan levels and work hard with your friends after inviting them
  • Use your spins and earn your rewards! Make sure to keep your pockets empty during this method! They quickly become quite heavy.

3. Gem investment (best for late game)

So, like an overdraft, but I’m not going to go into debt?

An exciting aspect of Fun Run 3 is the dual currency system. You can use both gems and coins to purchase items in the game. However, the unique thing about gemstones is that you can convert them into coins for an exact amount. Gemstones act as a safety net for purchases.

Saving gems for future coin purchases is easier said than done, because you’ll want to use them to buy fantastic new gear! That’s where I came up with the plan to use an intelligent strategy for managing usable gems and spare gems for more coins.

It starts by following the steps of the first item on this list. Runners’ Passes offer a variety of rewards, including a significant number of gems in addition to the aforementioned stream of coins. Since method #1 showed us how to keep our Arena gem bags filled to the brim, we have a little leeway with what we can do with these new gems.

Purchasing the Runners Pass only unlocks some rewards; Progressing through levels requires gameplay effort, which you can do most efficiently in Arena. As you progress through the Runners Pass levels for gems, Arena gameplay simultaneously earns more gems, which form the core of a strategic savings plan. You earn a lot of gems from Arena races, so the Runners’ Pass gems can only boost your coin deposit.

At the end of the season, you can use the coins you earn to purchase items, clothing, and equipment. As you collect a surplus of gems from the Runners Pass, you can convert them into coins and purchase additional items. This strategic approach maximizes value and guarantees access to the rewards you want.

How it works:

  • Follow the steps of method #1.
  • Buy a Runners Pass.
  • Play the Arena game mode to progress through the levels efficiently.
  • Don’t waste gems earned from the Runners Pass before the season ends.
  • Complete all levels and complete the season.
  • Combine coins and gems with your purchasing plans; the game will ask if you want to convert your gems into coins if you don’t have enough to buy.

4. End Screen Chest (Best for Early Game)

I’ve never wanted to see an ad so badly before.

A great strategy for all games, including Fun Run 3, isn’t just about maximizing benefits. Instead, cost efficiency must also be taken into account. While the previous methods of earning coins are undoubtedly spectacular and lucrative, they also place high demands on you as a player.

This method is excellent for new players looking for an extra boost in the early game. But above all, it is one of the simplest get-rich-quick ideas in the game. You can use this method passively while participating in normal gameplay.

Quick Race is one of the most popular game modes. The casual atmosphere and fast-paced format (no pun intended) attract many players. At the end of each Quick Race match is a chest containing a significant number of coins. These chests are locked behind an ad that you must play to receive the reward.

These ads may drive you crazy, but that frustration will disappear when you see a big pile of coins flooding your pockets! Whether you like Quick Race or prefer modes like Arena and Clan Battle, there’s still a lot of value. With chests spawning after each game, you can score rewards in no time before getting back into those epic (or suffering, let’s be honest) clan battles!

How it works:

  • Select the Quick Race game mode.
  • Complete a race
  • At the end of the game, click on the video icon for the chest on the right side of your screen.

5. Daily Spins (best for early games)

No more spins, but you get the idea.

This method works well with the previous one because you can make both processes part of your daily routine and ensure that you consistently make tons of money. Although this strategy is an effective source of income, you can only use it once a day. That sets it apart from the others on this list.

The main menu screen has a calendar icon on the left. This section contains information about current events and where you can collect daily login rewards. You can improve the reward size by clicking on the video icon, like the ones on the chests in the previous entry.

How it works:

  • Log in to Fun Run 3.
  • Click on the calendar icon on the left side of the main screen.
  • Collect your reward of hundreds of coins!
  • End the routine by joining in a few Quick Race games to maximize the benefits.


In conclusion, mastering the art of coin collecting in Fun Run 3 can lead to epic victories and tons of rewards. Many strategies suit each player’s style and skill level, from dominating the Arena to joining prestigious clans. So whether you’re looking for chests at the end of Quick Races or working your way to riches with daily rewards, remember: in the world of Fun Run 3, fortune favors the determined and daring!