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Xyon Quinn reacts to his release from WWE

As we reported here on eWn, WWE released five roster talents on Friday: Xyon Quinn, Jinder Mahal, Xia Li, Veer Mahaan and Sanga.

Quinn has now released a vignette about his departure from WWE.

The former NXT Superstar posted a video to his Instagram account saying:

“I remember my first fight. The way it felt. The way I hurt, his heart was beating faster and faster, his eyes so wide. I’ve never felt so powerful. So vivid. When he begged me to stop, I remember… I snapped. That happened sometimes. I try to keep it under control, but I think I’m a bit unpredictable, out of control, you could say I’m a ghost. Boo.”

Quinn, who now simply goes by Xyon, has a 90-day non-compete agreement.

He captioned the post with the following:

“The comeback is always greater than the setback.

90 days.

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