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11 Software Engineering Side Hustle Ideas (Part 4)

These are like custom tools for their work. Custom software projects involve more than just coding. You may need to understand a company’s unique needs, plan how the software will work, and then put it all together.

As a software developer, you can expect to earn around $15-$30 per hour on average. However, depending on your specialization, your earning potential can grow.
If you focus on User Experience (UX) design, you can earn between $25 and $39 per hour, showcasing your talent in creating user-friendly interfaces.

Alternatively, if you specialize in a specific programming language such as Python, your hourly rate could be around $20-$40, reflecting your proficiency in a sought-after skill.
Finding clients who need these custom solutions is where Upwork comes into play. You can create a profile there to showcase your skills. To build a portfolio, you can create pilot projects.

For example, design a simple customer management system for a fictional coffee shop. Show how you would organize customer data and orders. This way potential customers can get a taste of your skills and creativity.

10. Tech blogging and writing
Getting into tech blogging means sharing your expertise while tapping into potential revenue through ad revenue and sponsored content. While the average salary of a blogger is $48,690, tech blogs can potentially earn more because of their need for an expert voice, their ability to tackle valuable topics, and their deep insights.
Tech blogging is about creating content that appeals to tech enthusiasts, whether it’s breaking down difficult concepts or reviewing the latest gadgets. Revenue comes from sources such as advertisements placed on your own blog, technical writing for other companies, or even setting up subscription models on your website for exclusive technical insights.

Tasks include writing clearly, establishing yourself as a credible source, managing a content management system, and spending time on research and writing. Ultimately, tech blogging is a mix of knowledge sharing and entrepreneurship, offering the opportunity to inform, entertain and potentially make money.

11. Advice
Providing consulting services involves being a technical advisor or mentor to companies and guiding them through business decisions around software selection, digital transformation initiatives, and system optimization.
Your duties will include organizing client meetings, staying abreast of the ever-changing technology landscape by closely monitoring industry trends and explaining abstract ideas.
You can also recommend software solutions that fit a company’s specific needs. This may involve proposing tools or platforms that can improve operational efficiency, or developing comprehensive strategies to improve existing technological systems.
Tech consultants can earn between $12 and $30 per hour, but depending on the size of the project, you can earn significantly more.

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