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Explosion in Iraq, pro-Iranian military base outside Baghdad hit: one dead and eight injured

Baghdad, April 20, 2024 – A strong explosion last night rocked a military base housing army troops and former pro-Iranian paramilitaries from Hachd al-Chaabi in Calso, about 20 kilometers south of Baghdad.. Iraqi security sources said the explosion left a toll of “one death and eight injuries” among forces at the base.

The same sources explain that those responsible for the base have so far been unable to identify those responsible for the incident and subsequently the Iraqi government has stated that there were no drones or aircraft in the air at the time of the explosion . Citing “a report from the Air Defense Command” and the inspection of the radars, the security forces assured that “There were no drones or fighter jets in the airspace of Babil Governorate before or during the explosion.”

Israel: “We are not involved”

Israel is not involved in reports of explosions in Iraq, official sources told CNN. And for their part, the forces of the United States Central Command provided explanationsThe United States did not carry out airstrikes on Iraq today“. In a brief post, Centcom explained that it was aware of “reports that the US has conducted attacks in Iraq.” “This information is incorrect,” the Command added. Yet the Islamic Resistance in Iraq – in a video published on social media – announced that it had launched some drones against “a vital target” in Eliat, southern Israel, on the Egypt-Jordan border.

“The attack – says the group bringing together a range of pro-Iranian Iraqi forces – it is the response to the Zionist enemy’s violation of Iraqi sovereignty and its attack on the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).” (Source: Ansa) it’s on GOOGLE NEWS. To always stay informed of our news, click on this link and select the star at the top right to follow the source.