Beware of Scams!

(This article originates from Shell Vacation Club)

Beware of Timeshare Scammers

Protecting your ability to fully enjoy your ownership and create everlasting memories is our top priority. That's why we created Scambusters — to inform and educate you about the latest scams targeting timeshare owners.

We've seen a significant increase in unscrupulous companies and individuals contacting our owners, deceitfully claiming they have guaranteed methods to help them exit their ownership. While their claims may sound appealing, they can be misleading. Timeshare scammers may make promises they can't fulfill, costing countless owners their time, trust and money.


Caution: Lookout for These Tactics

Over the years, your Scambusters team has identified the most common tactics scammers use to deceive timeshare owners. If you encounter the following tactics, remain extremely cautious:

• You are guaranteed a way to exit your ownership.
• You are asked to pay money or fees upfront for any service.
• You receive an unsolicited phone call from an unknown company or law firm.
• You are told by the company or individual contacting you that they can work directly with Wyndham on your behalf to facilitate your exit.
• You are asked to share your account or login information.
• You are discouraged from seeking information about the company or individual contacting you. You may also be told to not communicate with Wyndham about your ownership.

As a reminder, Wyndham does not sell or provide owner information to non-Wyndham companies. We strongly recommend that you always confirm that you are speaking with a Wyndham representative before engaging in any dialogue about your ownership.

Report a Scam

We need your help to track down these scammers and bring them to justice. If you think you've been a victim of fraud or you know of a company that offers services that seem too good to be true, please contact a Scambusters representative at 866-313-8547 or .

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